The Bexley Skills Charter

We have a vision for Bexley to be known as a thriving and ambitious place of opportunity from education to employment. With our partners we will empower people to gain the right skills for the jobs of today and tomorrow; we will drive growth and create greater economic prosperity for individuals and businesses, benefitting Bexley as a whole.This Charter is a demonstration of the desire to work in partnership to help bring about higher skills, new jobs and economic growth. It is a commitment towards working closely together to develop solutions to skills shortages and job creation at a local level.

To achieve this ambitious vision we will focus on delivering four key outcomes:

A learning offer fit for the future – high quality provision, that is responsive and flexible to the changing needs of all learners (including those with special educational needs and disabilities, and those from other disadvantaged groups) and employers, based on financially viable and sustainable delivery models; with clear progression routes to and within employment.

A skilled workforce for strong and sustainable growth – creating greater economic prosperity for those who live, learn and earn in the borough.

A thriving business and enterprise environment – to increase innovation, productivity and job creation.

A culture of continuous learning and development – signposting and supporting people to build, maintain and improve their skills to sustain relevance, ensure progression and promote competitiveness in a dynamic labour market.

By signing up to the Skills Charter, your organisation agrees to work in partnership with the Local Authority to:

  • work collaboratively with Bexley’s learning and skills providers in order to develop a stronger, more resilient and sustainable skills system, with the flexibility and capacity to respond to changing demographic and economic needs
  • further develop high quality provision that focuses on what can be delivered effectively and to a high standard, linked to current and future employment opportunities
  • ensure the curriculum in Bexley promotes employability and enterprise skills to help people be ‘work-ready’
  • identify gaps in provision and develop local solutions to ensure Bexley can meet the needs of learners and employers
  • facilitate sector specific initiatives to address skills shortages and attract inward investment
  • explore possibilities for creating local training and employment opportunities

In turn this will:

  • help to ensure the quality, financial viability and sustainability of Bexley’s education and training provision in an increasingly competitive market
  • develop clear progression routes to further study and employment, promoting retention and sustained destinations for all learners, including the most disadvantaged
  • help to facilitate and drive local economic growth and prosperity
  • create an environment that encourages innovation and job creation
  • promote social mobility and reduce poverty and benefit dependency

By supporting the Charter you will:

  • Have your Charter support promoted through this site and the @bexleyskills twitter feed
  • Receive your Skills Charter certificate to demonstrate to your employees / learners / service users that you are committed to giving them the best opportunities
  • Receive the Bexley Skills Charter Mark for use on your website and advertising, demonstrating your Charter support to all of your service users

By completing and submitting the form below, your organisation demonstrates that it supports the principles of the Bexley Skills Charter. All we’re asking for is some time to discuss how you could support the Skills Charter and how the Skills Charter could support you.

The details you provide will be used to create your Supporter Certificate so please ensure they are correct. If you would like your organisation logo included on your Supporter Certificate and on this website, please send a high quality JPG, PNG or EPS copy of your logo to