If you’ve looked through our site, you’ll have seen the labour market information (LMI) infographics created by the Bexley Skills Charter team to help make data more easily understandable for those who aren’t mad on reading big reports or trawling through Excel spreadsheets.

A few months ago we received feedback from the borough’s schools careers and education information, advice and guidance (CEIAG) group that, while the infographics were useful, they didn’t provide answers that younger people in Bexley want when considering their futures… what industries are more likely to employ younger people, what types of jobs are younger people going into now, what are the growing industries for future job opportunities and, most importantly, what jobs pay the most!

The Bexley Skills Charter team used the most recent data available from 2016 to create an infographic designed to help schools’ CEIAG advisors to have discussions with younger people and answer those questions.

Some information won’t be unsurprising – in London you’re most likely to be a top earner if you become a manager or director in a financial and insurance industry company – but did you know that that very industry is the third largest employer of younger people after retail and accommodation and food services?

The infographic is available for download here, but please be aware that it should be used in discussion with a qualified CEIAG advisor to ensure full understanding and appropriate advice is given.

#LMI for Bexley’s Younger People
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